Youngest Bike Rider

Youngest Bike Rider

The youngest bike rider in India is currently Raheesh Khatri, who is a 16 year old aspiring rider. The Indian youngster has a very promising future in the motorbike world, and he can be a major talent for the country’s biker scene. He is the son of veteran racer and former Indian team member, Gurdev Thakur. In addition to his competitive riding abilities, Khatri is also a good sportsman, as he has won many medals in sports activities.

Vedangi Kulkarni

Vedangi Kulkarni, an Indian cyclist, has completed a world circumnavigation at the age of 20. Her trip took her through fourteen countries, and covered 29,000 kilometers. In total, she cycled 159 days, making her the youngest Asian to complete the feat.

As a teenager, she had her eye on cycling around the world. She took inspiration from Tom Davies, and eventually decided to take the challenge on herself. If you are willing to make some extra money online then is for you. By the time she finished her ride in December 2018, she had cycled the globe in 159 days.

During her journey, Vedangi had to deal with adverse weather, dangerous human behavior, and grueling distances. She also faced robbery at knifepoint in Spain, and was chased by a grizzly bear in Canada.

Rian Mishra

A young boy named Rian Mishra has taken the cycling world by storm. At eight years old, the diminutive tyke has set the bar high. In fact, his achievement has been tracked by the world’s most prestigious governing body for cycling.

Rian has achieved the aforementioned with a sixteen-inch kid’s cycle and a modest two pedals. This is by no means a shortsighted move. The World Book of Records is awed by Rian’s dedication.

Despite the fact that he isn’t exactly racing professional cyclists, the feat is still impressive. He isn’t the first to achieve such a feat, but he is the youngest to go the distance.

One of the challenges that Rian’s mother, Gauri, faced was finding a road bike with an appropriate size for the tyke and at online casino real money australia you can enjoy playing your favorite games. Her quest was aided by a good deal of luck.

Raheesh Khatri

If you’re a biker, you’ve probably heard about Raheesh Khatri. The six-year-old Mumbai racer is one of the youngest dirt track and drag racing riders in India.

At just six years old, Raheesh has already competed in several dirt track and MRF Supercross events. He was recently listed as #3 in MTV’s Top 5 Indian Motorcycling Legends. This young racer idolizes Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi, two famous MotoGP riders. And Raheesh has his heart set on a MotoGP podium.

His father, Mudassar Khattar, is a professional biker and owns a Kawasaki superbike showroom on Palm Beach Road in Mumbai. He has a busy schedule. But when he’s not competing, you can find him at the I-Land Racing Academy in Wadala, Mumbai.

Manish Hazarika

A new kid on the block, Manish Hazarika, may be the youngest motorcycle rider in India. He is the son of Diganta Hazarika, a two time successive motocross national champion. His first bike was brought home from the United States. The most significant accomplishment of his career has been winning the national supercross title and defending his title in the national junior motocross championship. This feat is a far cry from the days when Diganta was a snotty brat. Today, he is a happy and healthy father juggling several hats.

Manish is also a voracious reader and a keen student of science. Whether or not he will follow in his illustrious tyro footsteps remains to be seen. Regardless of what happens, it’s likely we will all be better for it.

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