Fuel Efficiency Tips

Fuel Efficiency Tips

When it comes to Automotive, we understand just how important it is to get the maximum fuel efficiency out of your vehicle. For our customers in Mission Viejo and Anaheim, we’ve compiled a short list of vital fuel efficiency tips:

• Change your oil regularly – Dirty/old engine oil makes your engine work harder and burn more fuel.

• Change your air filter regularly – A dirty air filter prevents your engine from getting the right amount of oxygen needed for fuel combustion.

• Rotate your tires regularly – Uneven tire wear can reduce fuel efficiency.

• Don’t let your engine idle – If your car will be parked for more than one minute, turn the engine off rather than letting it idle.

• Drive in the cooler hours – Driving in the morning and evening hours helps enhance fuel efficiency.

• Don’t be lead-footed – The faster you try to accelerate, the more fuel you’ll burn getting up to speed. Accelerate at a moderate pace. You must try your luck at real money roulette where you can make some good extra income.

• Slow down before you get to the stop – Slowing down and coasting before you get to a stop will help save a surprising amount of fuel.

• Watch your vehicle’s weight – The more items you have in the car, truck, or van with you, the harder the engine has to work to move it all down the road.

• Slow it down – The faster you drive (the higher your top speed), the more fuel your car burns. Keep it to the speed limit.

• Tune up your car – Did you know that a tune-up can offer up to 4% better fuel efficiency?

• Check your tire pressure – If your tires are lower than the recommended PSI, you’re losing fuel efficiency because your engine has to burn more gas to turn the wheels.

Auto Maintenance Tips

Your vehicle is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. It’s important to ensure that you keep it maintained in order for it to last – those in the financial industry would term this “maximizing your investment”. Besides using our professional automotive services here, there are several things that our Mission Viejo and Anaheim customers should do as far as basic maintenance is concerned. The real money online casino games are available online where you can make good money. If the following auto maintenance tips are done correctly, your car will last a very long time.

• Change your air filter – We recommend that you change your air filter every 15,000 miles, though that will vary depending on your driving conditions.

• Stick to an oil change schedule – Whether you use conventional oil or a synthetic formulation, stick to a regular oil change schedule to keep your engine in top shape.

• Rotate and balance your tires regularly – Rotating and balancing your tires will help keep your ride smooth and the wear on your tires even, maximizing their life.

• Scheduled services are important – Every automaker has a series of scheduled major services that should be performed to maximize vehicle life.

• Check your tire pressure – Low or high tire pressure can cause uneven tread wear, and can also affect your fuel efficiency. Check your tire pressure regularly and set it by the OEM information found on the driver-side door placard. • Have your brakes inspected regularly – Your brakes are an important safety system on your vehicle. Have them inspected regularly. This Automotive will inspect your brakes at any time, and make recommendations based on wear patterns to keep you and your family safe.

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