Forbidden Bikes Review

Forbidden Bikes Review

The suspension on Forbidden Bikes is a key part of the bike’s performance. The trifecta suspension system is made up of three main components: the high pivot, rate control linkage, and idler pulley. Each component works together to create a unique leverage curve and provide maximum traction on the trail. The trifecta is the most sophisticated suspension system in the market and allows the rider to adjust the suspension to suit his or her individual riding style.

The Forbidden Bike Company is a Canadian startup that has headquarters in British Columbia. They are a relatively new company and have only launched one frame so far. It is the Druid trail bike and has a 130 millimeter travel. They also offer a 150 millimeter fork. The company describes the Druid as a trail bike perfect for the rolling terrain of the Pacific Northwest. The bikes are priced around $799 for a single frame, which is about average.

A growing team of industry veterans has teamed up to launch Forbidden. Their approach to bicycle design is unabashed. The company is small and agile, making it possible to pursue unique ideas and innovations. The company has a strong focus on performance and ride quality. This has made them an instant hit with riders around the world. They are also available in Australia. They are a great investment for anyone interested in cycling. While a new bike is never a bad investment, it can be expensive.

Whether a new bike is more comfortable for you depends on your riding style. The Forbidden Druid’s geometry is similar to other long-travel bikes, but it doesn’t compromise performance in some areas. The size L features 465 millimeters of reach, a 65.6 degree head angle, a 74.6 degree seat angle, and a -32.7 mm BB drop. The Forbidden range features 4 frame sizes, starting at a small and ending at an XL model. Larger sizes typically require the addition of spacers.

Forbidden has grown rapidly in the past few years. The company was started by a few individuals and has grown exponentially. It is entering its third year and is on its way to reaching the start gate for its EWS season in 2021. The future looks bright for the brand. Just remember to keep an eye out for the company’s latest innovations. If you’re looking for a new bicycle, don’t wait too long. There is a great chance that your new ride will be a Forbidden bike that you’ll want to ride.

The Forbidden Druid is an impressive trail bike that features 29-inch wheels and 150/130mm of travel. Unlike many other mountain bikes, the Druid is designed to be more powerful than a regular bike and capable of bigger jumps and rough terrain. It’s also made with the utmost attention to detail. You won’t be disappointed with this bike, and the rest of the lineup is just as impressive.

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