Auto Free Inspection

Auto Free Inspection

Going on vacation? Just bought a used car? Is there something going on with the vehicle that you can’t quite pinpoint, but you know is out of the norm? If so, we can help. Our free inspection service offers customers in the Mission Viejo and Anaheim areas the in-depth, professional analysis their vehicle requires.

Our free inspection services are conducted by ASE-certified technicians, which means that you can rest assured any problems or potential issues with your vehicle will be spotted and brought to your attention. Of course, we do more than just alert you to problems – we offer expert advice on what you need to do to head off disaster. Our technicians will recommend a solution that fits your situation perfectly, whether you need an immediate repair or replacement, or it’s just something that you should keep an eye on. Each free inspection covers the entire vehicle, front to back and top to bottom. We visually inspect the engine, the cooling system, brakes, struts, axles, transmission, lights, air filter, differential, transfer case (where applicable), and click here to know more.

Our free inspection service is ideal for families about to hit the road for vacation, but can also provide peace of mind for those thinking about buying a used car, whether from a private seller or a dealership. If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry. Our professional technicians can provide a full vehicle inspection in a very short time without sacrificing accuracy or completeness. Your peace of mind and safety are our goals.

Engine Services

When it comes to vehicle components, the engine is one of the most important. If your engine isn’t operating properly – if you notice tapping sounds during acceleration, strange rattling noises, lurching during acceleration or deceleration, or any other abnormal operation our engine services can help. Our Automotive offers Anaheim and Mission Viejo customers the widest range of engine services available. What’s more – our ASE-certified technicians ensure that you get the right repair the first time.

Our engine services span a wide range of options, from basic maintenance to advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics. Whether you need an oil change, piston resurfacing, engine rebuilding, total engine replacement, or a check engine light diagnosis, we can help. When engine trouble rears its head, there’s no time to lose at top online casinos usa. Even a minor issue can cause major damage in just a short period of time, potentially compromising your entire engine.

Our expert technicians can troubleshoot and diagnose problems with any engine, from big-block V8s to rotary engines and everything in between. That guarantees you get the professional help you need and the accurate, timely repair necessary to save your engine. Even if you’re not currently experiencing a problem or concern with your engine, we can help – our free inspection service includes a visual inspection of your engine, which can help alert you to minor problems that might turn into big headaches down the road.

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